Albert Cain Macarther is about to be put to death because of the evil he has unleashed on to the world. He was sure he was going to die, but hoped the ritual he had preformed would prevent that from happening. There's more work he has to do, and Leah is just the person to help him do it. 

Leah Moore is a freelance photographer for the Detroit Police Department.​​ She was four years old when she was electrocuted on a raging stormy night. Little did she or her parents know that she would become a part of Albert's satanic ritual of good versus evil. Something has haunted her, through nightmares amd murderous visions, for twenty years.  Things are coming to a head, and soon, Leah will come face to face with her destiny. Can she survive or has her fate been sealed. 

In The Footsteps of a Killer is a tale of murder, mysetry, and evil, which will result in one thing...readers shaking in their shoes.​
Dark Reflections

Detroit Author Zachery Taylor was rich, famous, handsome and a known virgin. It was not his choice but The Lady's choice. Zach had seen The Lady in his dreams ever since he was ten and at first he thought she was his secret friend.  It wasn't until he heard her say the word kill, that little Zach begin to fear his beautiful dark Lady. Why did she want to kill him? Zach's entire like had been spent doing anything to not make up kill him. As a teen and young  adult Zach had only seen her when he tried to make out with a girl.
   "You must remain pure," were her haunting words to him as she would appear then disappear. Thus Zach remained a virgin. Now thirty years later The Lady had become real. Not only was she real but she was preforming life saving miracles all over the world. Why was she here doing miracles when Zach knew that she was here to kill him? What had he done to deserve to be killed? 

 For the answer to these and other questions and to find out what happens to Monika,  Zach and Jordan go to , and buy one or all three, send me an e-mail and let me know what you think at

Exciting things are happening stay tuned for more from me, Denise J Bryson and Horror &  Racey Romance.
   A Thru Zach

Tentative titles of future works :

     1. Bedtime stories for Brandon - A collection of short stories
     2. Computer Mate
     3. Hit and run​​​​
     4.​ Jordan's English holiday
     5. Baby Farm
     6. Gargoyl girl
     7. Nahnie the destroyer
     8. The problem with out sourcing​​​​

Show someone just how much you love them by scaring them to death... order now your copy of my novel In The Footsteps of a Killer. also still available for e readers and kindles
Dark Reflections is the gripping saga of the pirate Damon Phillippe Le Rouge and his eternal quest to find his long lost island princess, Amiya. His ghostly journey takes him centuries and straight into the torrmneted nightmares of Monika Banks, a modern day artist. In order to escape her night terrors Monika and David her husband, move into an old sea side home, perched on a cliff. The very home that Damon had built for his Amiya. Once Monika and David take possession of the house strange things begin to happen. David is almost killed the first day they move in by a freak accident. Monika starts to act strange and more and more her friends since danger. Murder, sex, and ghost fill the house. Can Monika resist the cool seduction of Damon?   Will David believe in ghost soon enough to save his wife? Or will Damon have his new bride and give up his quest for Amiya?

In The Footsteps of a Killer
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