One Black Rose
One of three Black Roses, (I'm in the
middle) we grew up on the west side
of Detroit, Mi. Born to the Black Rose
at the bottom of this page we have grown into quite beautiful Roses if I say so myself.
I went to Cody High school and then on to Marygrove College. I majored in Art and minnored in Art History. I recieved a bachlors degree with a 3.5 gpa. After looking for a job in anything art I ended up at an airline working as a Flight Attendant. I began writing when I was in the fourth grade. I recall a writing assignment where I was acussed of plagerism. I never wanted to write again. So at age 20 I tried a second time. After 20 more years Dark Reflections was born. After it's completion the flood gates let loose and writing became a passion. Soon after that A through Zack came fourth, then In The Footsteps of a Killer and the work in progress, Computer Mate.
My novels all have a familar note to them as they all are set in whole or in part in Detroit. They have strong black women (roses) charaters, some have white love interest or white antagonist. Don't get it twisted there are some brothers in there too but in my other world it's a mixed bag of men. Just like the real world. 
I create worlds where people are people and the strange and the ghostly rule. All four novels are avaiable at a self-publishing website called They are print on demand and they are shipped right to your front door.They may contain some content that may be offisive to some and for that I appologize. I can only write them as they come to me if I am to be true to this craft. By the way here is the Rose that started it all, my mom. Like all roses we have leaves and thorns. These are the two leaves that my sisters created. Say "Hi" if you see us.