The Last Cattle Round up 2

Jordan is sent to London England to complete one last assignment for Diamond Beef. Upon her arrival at the castle of Lord Landon Sheers, things are not as they are supposed to be. She is taken prisoner by the Lord of the castle who has already set the wheels in motion to possess her. Her will is strong, and he plans to break it to take her for his own. Not only is her will strong but so are her physical skills and self-preservation well. With Lord Landon Sheers' family has a dark history of kidnapping and murder, Jordan's life is in real danger.
Thousand of miles away, CJ begins to feel uneasy about her assignment and he sets off to London to find her and make sure that she's alright. Will Jordan be able to hold off Landan and his lust for her? Will she ever escape from this tower of nightmares? Will CJ ride in to save the day in time?
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