The Last Cattle Round Up

Jordan Montogmery did not want to go to Montanna, however it was her job to take failing companies and either turn them around or take them down. From the moment the Detroit native stepped off of the airplane she knew that she didn't want to be there. After an awful ride to the ranch that was home to Diamond Jack Beef she meets C J Duncan. The handsome blue eyed ranch hand who heads up the Cattle round up. Jordan is convinced that the round up is the first thing to go and after she tells them so CJ blows up. He will not let the beautiful black city slicker tear up their way of life. He asks her to join him on the round up and she completely refusses. Seeing no other way to convince her, CJ drugs then kidnaps Jordan and foeces her to tag along with him on the round up. Can CJ's crazy plan convince Jordan not to destroy all that he has come to know and love? Will Jordan decide that the handsome cowboy's way of life is worth saving? Will she forgive him for kidnapping her and if she does will love fall over them both? 

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                                         Pleasure Island
Alisha Meyer is a sharp, talented and beautiful paralegal that adores her boss Hirshel Benowitz. Her dreams take her to exotic places where she envisions the two of them. If only she could tell him how she feels. Every time she looked into those bright blue eyes, her words failed her.
Hirshel has been secretly watching and wanting Alisha. His mouth waters every time he see her dark chocolate brown pass by. Would she ever be able to accept his secret?
Alisha receives a strange invitation to an event guaranteed to change her life. Uncertain if she should accept or not she turns to Hirshel for advice. The fact that he scolds her as her dad would is all the convincing she needs. Dying to change her life and break out of her shell she decides to go.
Will this secret invitation really change her life? Will it help her in her quest to get Hirshel?​​

I know what you all are thinking. Has the Queen of Horror gone soft? Has she stopped trying to scare the shit out of us? Of course not my dears. I'm still just as creepy and full of Horror as ever. This Romance is for all of my darlings who are afraid to read my Horror. And of course no one person is all one thing. I do have a softer side and this is where my Romance dwells. So I hope you enjoy reading A little Romance please and just as my Horror is creepy my Romance will make you a little wet. Or maybe a lot of wet. Let me take you from one extreme to the other. From the depths of fear to the heights of Love, Romance and Sex. Did she say Sex, yes my darlings I said SEX. What is Romance without it? Now I always end my little rants with Happy Horror I need a new line to end my Romance. Any Ideas? I'm thinking Ready Romance, what are your ideas? Ready Romance 

The Debt of Love
When is a debt too much to pay? Even in death, Isabella's father seemed to still ruin her life. A debt owned is a debt that must be paid, and Ethan was determined to cash in. To pay up, Isabella went from a wild, beautiful lady, to an indentured servant in the House of Hawkins.

Ethan would prove to be even more ruthless in business than his father had been. Raised in a world of darkness, anger, and fear, he would find no fear greater than falling in love with Isabella.