One Black Rose

Welcome to my website One Black Rose. You may ask why one Black Rose? Well it represents me and the type of novels that I write. My heroines are black, beautiful and fragrant characters but each novel has a dark side. I create stories that can be romantic but with a taste of paranormal horror, mystery, ghost and things that will make you laugh and then make you cry.  

With this site I will introduce you to the twisted makings of my mind.​ The stories that I dream and the stories that forces their way out of my nightmares and onto my lap top. Stories that even I have no idea where they come from.

Some people have called me twisted, crazy and creepy. Some say I was dropped on my head as a child, truth be told I crawled and fell when I was supposed to be asleep, no matter which is right [perhaps all three. I invite you to come inside and read some excerpts from my novels, published and some not. Join me and my journey with Artistic Words Publishing and let me scare you.

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