Denise J Bryson
One Black Rose
Welcome to my website. You may ask why One Black Rose. Well first, a rose is a flower is the simple explanation. Second I like to think that to a degree it represents me and the fictional heroines that I write about. Beautiful, strong, and worth stopping to smell. Ok maybe not smell but at least worth stopping to take a look at. 

My novels are about strong African American women ( that explains the Black) who find themselves in extraordinary paranormal and supernatural situations. ​Set mostly or in part in my hometown Detroit, I write from a scary point of view. I hope my novels will make you afraid, make you laugh and make you cry.

Horror has been a part of my life since childhood and it is the driving force​ of my writing. With this site I will introduce you to the twisted makings of my mind.

My friends call me twisted, crazy and creepy. Some say that I was dropped on my head as a child. Truth be told I fell on my head more then once. No matter which it is (perhaps all of the above). I invite you to come inside, browse, and check out my work. Join me and my publishers at Artistic Words Publishing on a journey and let me scare you...Happy Horror​​​​​

Now, while I do enjoy my Horror. I invite you to visit my other personality.​​ My softer side if you will. This girl does enjoy a little hot, steamy, and romantical tryst. Does the feel of a sexy man make you wanna do wild things? I do. How about a pair of lips suckling you like a newborn? Hmm, yes please. How would you like to see his taunt, rock hard body standing shamelessly naked in front of you? Well count me in. If any of this arouses your interest, you can read the other places my naughty mind may take you. Look for my Romance stories at I think you will like the intimate experience. Enjoy 

P.S. Thanks to my new group, Pitched to Publish, I'm predicting some good things for 2023.​​
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